Comms Blog

This is my first blog post which some may say is a bit overdue since I am the communications officer to launch the first ambulance union website back in 2003. But, I have generally stuck to communicating the news rather than generating it. It would be an understatement to say 2020 has been a difficult… Continue reading Comms Blog

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We are the 4000!

We are proud to have over 4000 members in our branch

Dear Colleagues, LAS UNISON Branch is proud to announce a momentous occasion, we have reached our 4000th Member! Not only is UNISON the largest Union in the Country, LAS UNISON is the biggest Ambulance Branch in the Country, we are also the largest Health Branch in London! 4000 Members is not just an accident, it… Continue reading We are the 4000!

Consultants & Consultation

I have really enjoyed working for this Service over the last 32 years. I started at Hackney on day work, then re-graded and started on the Edmonton complex working out of Tottenham where a few years after I became the Station Representative. Some years later I moved to Romford to be nearer home and then continued to be the… Continue reading Consultants & Consultation

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£3,000,000 – We are simply the Best, better than all the rest!

  It’s finally happened! LAS UNISON members have received over £3,000,000 in personal injury compensation since our records began in 1999. Since UNISON was created we have won a staggering £727.5 million in compensation for our members. That is nearly £30 million every year! It is not right that our members were made unwell or… Continue reading £3,000,000 – We are simply the Best, better than all the rest!

Eric Roberts

My great friend and our Branch Secretary passed away a year ago today; Eric is still massively missed, not only by his family but by everyone that was lucky enough to know him. The great work that Eric did for all health workers will never be forgotten and today I would hope that everyone will… Continue reading Eric Roberts

A Chair’s blog….no not a chair chair, a Branch Chair

Tough times Is been a busy few days for me but not anywhere near as busy as it has been for others in our capital city. All in all some pretty tough times lately. Let me introduce myself, my name is Tim. Since April this year I have been Chair of the LAS UNISON Branch… Continue reading A Chair’s blog….no not a chair chair, a Branch Chair