£3,000,000 – We are simply the Best, better than all the rest!


It’s finally happened! LAS UNISON members have received over £3,000,000 in personal injury compensation since our records began in 1999.

Since UNISON was created we have won a staggering £727.5 million in compensation for our members. That is nearly £30 million every year!

It is not right that our members were made unwell or injured for them to rightly receive these payments and perhaps it is something that should not be celebrated?

But, if our members are made unwell or injured, whether it’s large or small, if you’ve been injured the UNISON legal service, delivered by Thompsons, is here to help you to claim with confidence. No legal fees, just dedicated experts to help you through the process and the promise that you will keep 100% of any compensation.

If you’re a UNISON member and you or a family member have been injured or involved in an accident in the last three years, and are considering whether or not to claim, give UNISON a call on 0800 0857 857

What cover do my family and I receive?

As a UNISON member, you receive free legal advice and assistance for:

• Employment law (accessed via your UNISON branch or regional office)
• Personal injury – at or away from work, on holiday or on the roads
• Serious injury at work – including brain injuries and spinal cord injuries
• Industrial disease or illness
• Basic will writing and reduced rates for more complex wills and conveyancing
• Defending work related criminal allegations
• Free initial legal advice on any non-employment issue from UNISON’s lawyers. This service entitles you to receive up to 30-minutes of telephone advice.

UNISON members’ families are also covered if you or a loved one think you have been injured as the result of clinical negligence, we can support you with free initial advice from UNISON’s lawyers.

Speak to your local representative, your Senior Sector representative or just contact your branch via www.lasunison.com

We are simply the Best, better than all the rest!

Our members always say to us you don’t promote our successes, but this is really difficult as we don’t always like to blow our own trumpet! And sometimes because there are confidential aspects that we have to observe!

But over the last few weeks I have spoken to a few London Ambulance Staff in different areas across the Service and asked them if they are in our Union? And a couple have said they are in a different Union, and then I ask them why? And the say “because they are cheaper” and I agree they sometimes are cheaper, but they never say “they are better!”

I would to hate to be a lead in a Trade Union that only has members because they are cheaper! And without a doubt the old saying comes into play here “You get what you pay for”

We might be a little bit dearer for some roles than others but as a member of LAS UNISON you have access to a wealth of experience.

• We have all but one fully trained Senior Sector Representatives across London.
• We have all but one fully trained Senior Health & Safety Sector Representatives across London.
• We have over 120 Elected Representatives and H&S Representatives across the different workplaces from across London.
• Our yearly elected Branch Committee have fully trained specialists in all aspects of working life which includes, welfare, education, equalities & pensions to name a few!
• Our Branch Committee has a one Female & One Male elected representative seat from each sector from across Service.
• We have double the seats within the LAS consultative machinery which includes the Staff Council, Operational Partnership forum, Corporate H&S Committee and other working Groups.
UNISON’S welfare department (There for You) is second to none! Since 1993, UNISON have given over £10 million in financial assistance. Members experiencing financial and emotional difficulties can contact our welfare charity, There for You, which provides a confidential advice and support service for members and their dependants.
• Employment tribunal fees were scrapped after UNISON won a landmark court victory against the government in 2017. The Supreme Court – the UK’s highest court – has unanimously ruled that the government was acting unlawfully and unconstitutionally when it introduced the fees five years ago. anyone who has been treated illegally or unfairly at work will no longer have to pay to take their employers to court – as a direct result of UNISON’s legal challenge.
UNISON (ONLY) are currently involved in a legal case which is a working time regulations & holiday pay and non guaranteed overtime and voluntary overtime, further information will follow when concluded.

Happy Birthday

This year is UNISON’S 25th birthday – since then we have gone from strength to strength, in spite of hostile trade union legislation and attempts to decimate and privatise our public services. Three unions – Nupe, Nalgo and Cohse came together on 1 July 1993 to form one union to represent all public service workers – wherever they work.

We have all benefitted from the work of trade unions. For 100 years and more trade unions have fought for and won many things that we take for granted – weekends off, maternity leave, rights for part-time workers, stronger health and safety laws and more.

Update your details

We need all our members to keep their details updated, so please look out for the “update your details” form arriving at your workplaces in November/December where just a few minutes of your time could result in some great prizes just before Christmas!


Support Your Union


Information on all issues can be found elsewhere on our website.


If you are reading this, work for the London Ambulance Service or are eligible to join, and are not yet a member of UNISON Join Today!

We are stronger together. We are all Frontline.


Eddie Brand – Branch Secretary



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