The Branch Blog is written by the seven senior sector reps and other branch officers who do not have their own web page. It is here to inform members about life within the LAS from the Union’s perspective.

Why a Blog? – We have our website that delivers news to members and is updated regularly with the latest news stories. But sometimes we need to explain things a different way and with a large branch we have different branch officers and senior reps who sometimes need to tell the story from their own perspective. As a result it should be clear that any personal views or statements written in this blog may not always reflect the views of UNISON or the Branch.

The Branch Secretary, as lead negotiator, along with the Branch Chair, Branch Officers and Senior Unison Sector Reps are all involved in day to day negotiations and consultations (as well as representing individual members) and this Blog will help to communicate and clarify that work.

The Blog will be updated on a regular basis.

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