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Welcome to the New LAS UNISON Branch Blog.

Eric Roberts started his blog back in 2010 as a new and unique way to communicate with our members. It was passionate, funny, informative and gave a personal view from our Branch Secretary and UNISON president on what he wanted for our members.

Yes, we have a website, facebook page and a twitter account, but sometimes it is difficult to get across on these platforms what you want to say.

For example: The website – This is a factual news and information site. Twitter is limited to 140 characters and not everyone is on facebook. (even though it seems like it) A blog is the perfect platform for getting across things we want to say in a slightly less formal way.

I know you enjoyed reading Eric’s blogs. (I got to see the user stats) We looked at lots of different options for replacing his blog including not having one at all. However, I believe his legacy should be a continuation of the blog format. I would also like to remind you that Eric’s Blog will remain online at have a read through some of his posts when you get a chance.

At the January Branch Committee meeting, I proposed and it was agreed that the blog would become a multi user blog updated by all the senior sector reps and the occasional branch officer who does not have their own web page such as myself. I know, always seemed odd that the guy who built the website didn’t actually have his own page!

I hope that this new format will allow for more local news to filter through to the website. I know there is lots of good work being done by UNISON stewards and H&S reps right across the service that we never hear about. Be sure to tell your sector reps what you are doing and they can add it to the blog.


On Wednesday 8 February I attended a special UNISON celebration remembering Eric and his life. The whole branch was there along with Eric’s family, LAS Colleagues and UNISON activists and ambulance staff from right across Britain.

Lots of people got up and spoke about how much Eric meant to them and what he had done for them. Many of these people I had never met before and it was really lovely to see what an impact our branch secretary had on the union and people across the country.

We are going through a time of immense change. The UK has voted to leave Europe, we have a Tory government and a billionaire businessman has been elected president of the USA. On a positive note, Paramedics are going to finally be put into Band 6. I find myself wondering just what is going to happen next but I am confident that when we stick together in UNISON we can deal with whatever is thrown at us.

We don’t always get it right and it’s okay to make mistakes, but remember that everyone in UNISON is there to help and support our members. We want to get the best terms and conditions for our members and ultimately make the London Ambulance Service the best ambulance service in the country and maybe even the world. If the LAS succeeds then so do we, but we have to work together in partnership for that to happen.


Rob Sydney – Communications Officer

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